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Ms. Eva is one of the best English teachers that I ever have met. I struggled with writing college essays and short answers for the applications, and she provided continuous guidance, from sketching ideas to composing essays. I am certain that I wouldn’t have written such successful essays and become a college student at one of my top choices without her help.  Now I see huge improvement in my grammar, which was my weakness, sentence structure, and the flow of ideas in coherent writing. In each session, she was always compassionate and very supportive.

Pauline H. - South Korea

I didn't believe I could stop making mistakes in my English until I started working with Dr. Eva. Now I confidently communicate in all kinds of professional situations. The caring and supportive attitude of Dr. Eva has helped me overcome my anxiety of speaking in English. Her writing courses in which she weaves grammar lessons made me a much stronger writer."

Rana W. - Syria


I have been studying with Dr. Eva W. Kowalewski for 2 years. Before I started learning English with her, I felt insecure, and I did not think that I would learn English fluently. My English was very limited, and I could not speak or write in complete sentences. She has been working with me very intensely. I got the required score on the IELTS exam, and I got admitted to a master’s program in the USA. I am still working on my academic writing skills with her. I cannot believe that I have improved my English so much. Dr. Eva is the most patient and understanding instructor that I have ever had. She knows how to teach foreigners and explain English in simple way. After every class with her, I feel that I want to work on my English even more." 

Dhoha X - Egypt


Dr. Eva was my teacher in three levels of English. She has been my favorite English teacher because of her passion for teaching. My grammatical errors gradually dissipated thanks to her expertise. Thanks to her I was able to dare to establish conversations without fear with native speakers and received congratulations for how much my English improved. She is a very patient and passionate teacher."

Laura L. - Bolivia

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