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English Language Support

I offer coaching in academic English for students who need to improve their academic writing and speaking skills. I also offer individual and group online lessons for English Language Learners who want to improve their communicative English skills in their everyday or professional lives. 


"Learning a language in its full sense is learning a new cultural viewpoint of the world. Therefore, I teach not only English but also cultural components necessary to communicate clearly to English speaking readers and listeners." - Eva Wegrzecka-Kowalewski, Ph.D.

What Do I Teach?

I teach all English language skills. I offer lessons customized to students’ levels and needs by choosing materials and designing lessons that specifically address what they need to work on. My unique instruction helps students see how meaning is created through grammar and how to apply it right away. When coaching writing, I incorporate targeted rhetorical and grammar instruction to help students become stronger writers.


Young Woman Reading Tablet


Checking Text on a Document

IELTS  Preparation

Muslim Girl Studying

Research Skills and Academic Papers

Legal Research and Writing

Speaking, Listening, & Presentation Skills


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